About Me

“A native of St.Catharines, ON, Canada, Jennifer Lynn has been a creative soul for as long as she can remember. She has been honing her songwriting craft for over ten years which has given her the material she has needed to finally put it out there for the world to hear. Mixing up her “old country soul” with other genres such as rock, folk and americana, this singer/songwriter offers “thought provoking, heart breaking, real life, sultry” lyrics that “empower others to keep going” with whatever life throws at them.” ¬†Stay tuned!¬†


She is a passionate communicator; not only as a songwriter and also an avid blogger/writer on her own platform, but she has also written for her friends over at theunspokenconversation.ca. A blog, podcast and community that discusses faith, the arts and mental health.

She is also a music junkie (growing her vinyl collection as we speak) and a book nerd with an equal passion for good food and pretty shoes (she may need a bigger closet soon!)