About Me

Welcome to my world!

To start things off, allow me to introduce myself:

First, I love Jesus so my faith is really important to me. It’s the looking glass through how I view myself and the world around me. He is the reason for every good thing in my life and the anchor that holds me together through the stormy parts. In a world full of unknowns and inconsistencies, He is the One that I know I can count on. Isn’t that a relief?!

Secondly, I am a (single) mother to two of the most handsome, funny and smart young gentlemen on the planet.

I also absolutely love to sing. Whether that’s recording my own songs, hanging out with friends or anywhere else I might find myself with a microphone in my hand. Writing songs has definitely been a God-send! I also love to write in general. I’ve kept a journal for most of my adult life, filled with songs, poetry, thoughts, quotes, ideas…you name it! I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I can’t imagine that stopping any time soon.

Something else about me? I love fashion! (I may need a bigger closet…)…but I’m also a country girl (trapped in the city…for now). So while I love getting dolled up, I also have no problem having “no make up days” and throwing on a good ole pair of jeans and a hoodie and getting outside with nature.

There’s so many other things I could tell you but that’s the fun part…we’ll get to know each other along the way. Over all, I hope that whatever I share will either inspire, encourage, perhaps even challenge at times, our way through this thing called life to better ourselves into who we are meant to be.

Jen xo