Fall is my favourite time of year. There are certain things that I enjoy about all the other seasons too of course. For instance, I love that in the summer I can wear sundresses and walk barefoot outside. (little known fact about me, I hate wearing socks). Winter time brings everything Christmas! And if we get enough snow, tobogganing and snowmen. And last but not least, spring time means it’s my birthday! And the long cold winter months are soon over. But, still, at the end of the day, I’m a fall type of gal.

I love everything about fall. I love that the sticky, gross humidity is gone and there is just the slightest hint of a crisp chill in the air. Just enough to make you put on a cozy sweater. I love going for drives out in the country and seeing all the changing colours. I love going for hikes amongst all of those changing colours. I love that I can finally drink hot chocolate without people thinking I’m nuts. (I don’t drink coffee so hot chocolate is my “hot drink”). I love that the days are shorter because it gives me an excuse to turn on my fireplace and light my candles which gives my home an even cozier feel. I love that Thanksgiving is just around the corner because I love cooking a homemade, full thanksgiving meal for my family. (I love to cook and bake and this is my one chance to really go all out). And last, but certainly not least, I love that the most glorious of beverages makes it’s first appearance at your local grocery store…Egg Nog! Anyone else drink that stuff by the carton?

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life so I am used to growing up with four seasons throughout the year. I can’t imagine life without different seasons. However, many people live in places where that is exactly the case. For instance, in California, it’s pretty much warm and sunny during the day and a tad chilly at night…all year round. No snow. No changing leaves. Just beaches and palm trees…all.the.time. I know for some people that sounds like heaven on earth but I can’t imagine Christmas in a bathing suit with no snow! I can’t imagine not frolicking through piles of leaves! As much as I detest scraping my icy windshield off or the below zero windchill, it just wouldn’t be the same if it was balmy weather all year round. I think I’d get kinda sick of it after awhile. I’ve grown accustomed to seasons and that’s just the way it is.

Not only am I thankful for the changing weather, I’m also thankful that seasons change in life as well. I can remember when the boys were much younger and we lived where there was much harsher winters. At the time I didn’t have a vehicle, so no matter what kind of weather was outside, I still had to walk to pick the kids up from school. I remember two specific times. Once when it was literally torrentially down pouring rain where having an umbrella was utterly useless and the boys and I were literally soaking and dripping wet when we got home. Another time we had record breaking snow drifts up to our waist that we had to trudge through. Even times when we moved back home where we live now and were able to walk to the church we attended, in every kind of weather you can imagine. Those were very cold, wintery walks. I remember so many times thinking to myself and even yelling at God to please get us a car! (Maybe not quite that polite but I can’t share what I actually might have said…oops!). Perhaps not my finest moments but I was desperate and frustrated…and really cold. And watching all the cars drive by with warm and toasty people inside didn’t help.

Long story short, we have a vehicle now. It only took 34 years of waiting and the generosity of others before I got my first set of wheels. But let me tell you, I was so excited and it made me even more thankful for it every time I drove it. I still feel so very thankful for my van. It’s my baby. It’s a blessing. It has heat AND air conditioning. And I no longer have to walk…unless I choose to.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, that’s when things changed. As a single mother for almost 10 years, I’ve had many moments like that. It usually involves me balling my eyes out while I tell God everything that is wrong and stressing me out. He’s a big guy…He can take it. I’m also pretty sure my guardian angel face palms at least 50 times a day and feels like he got assigned the short end of the stick and is being punished for something. But in either case, I think sometimes that just when we feel we’re at our wits end, that’s when something is about to change.

There’s an old gospel song that says “I’m so glad trouble don’t last always. He may not come when you want Him but He’s on time”, and it’s true. While you’re in the midst of challenging times, it seems like it will never end. Wondering how to pay your bills. Job loss. How to feed your kids. How to get over a broken heart. How to overcome depression/anxiety. And if that wasn’t enough, turning on the news now a days makes it even worse. We may not understand it but we don’t have to because there is One who has it all under control, whether we see it, feel it, hear it or not.

Isaiah 55:8-9 says, “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

Your prayers and your needs have not gone unheard or unnoticed. He knows even before you tell Him or ask Him. There is a time and a season for everything. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Looking back over my life so far of 35 (and a half) years, I can tell you that I am so thankful that seasons change. That things don’t stay the same. I don’t know where I would be if life didn’t change the way it did. The heartache’s don’t hurt like they used to. I don’t cry over things or people I used to cry over. I don’t stress out over things that would usually stress me out years ago. And it all comes from experience, knowing that “this too shall pass.”

Years ago I wrote a song for a friend of mine that was going through some things called “Beautiful Breakdown”. The bridge of the song says: “Underneath the surface, beneath the ice and snow, a beautiful flower, is learning how to grow.”

And just like that, whatever you feel you can’t endure any longer, just keep holding on. Don’t give up. Something underneath the surface is getting ready to shift and break through. Winter is almost over. Spring is on it’s way.

Jen xo