Hey Everyone!

I’m Jen!

I created this website as a stepping stone, to be able to share the things I am most passionate about. Writing and Music!

I’m going to start things off pretty simple at first and write! Something I’ve always loved to do. This is simply another wonderful platform for that. From there, eventually I’ll be adding my music as well. Who knows where this road will lead but we have to start somewhere now don’t we?

In addition to my own writing here on my website, I also write for my friends over at theunspokenconversation.ca. A website, podcast and blog that discusses faith, mental health, the arts and community.

You can connect with me personally on my “Contact” page or on social media for any writing or music inquiries.

Instagram @msjenniferlynn_

Facebook  www.facebook.com/TheRealJenniferLynn

Here’s to the first step…I hope you’ll join me!

Let’s Do This!

Jen  xo